Peter Hills Church of England School

TEAMGH (Year 3)


Year 3! The start of KS2 and an important year. First of all, our learning will be fun and  engaging, and the children will be working hard to develop their skills to reach their true potential as independent learners. This year, the children will get  plenty of opportunities to peer and self assess their work so that they can learn through their mistakes and progress rapidly.

In Maths, we will work on embedding the fundamental operations that the children learnt in KS1. We will start to expand on our mathematical knowledge, work on our maths facts recall and look beyond the four operations. In English, the  children will be exposed to a number of genres and inspiring texts throughout the year. The children  will continue to work on their creativity and independence as writers. 

Science is particularly exciting, children this year will be able to develop a  range of skills in order to answer questions about the world around them,  including organising, recording, observing, testing, enquiring and investigating.  Enquiry and investigation skills will also be needed when we look at our History and Geography topics throughout the year. We are very excited to start to learn a brand new language to Peter Hills - Spanish!

As a proud Church of England school, RE will be consistently focused upon each  week, with the children taking part in a daily worship and weekly RE lessons.  Most importantly, we will celebrate life everyday. We are all in this together!


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Our Autumn 2021 class meeting;