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Peter Hills Autism Resource Base - The Beatson Room

We are pleased to announce the opening of The Beatson Room, our Autism Resource Base, from September 2023.

The resource base will provide a highly differentiated curriculum, underpinned by Speech and Language strategy, for children with high needs autism. Strategies include TEACCH, which will be deployed on a frequent basis. TEACCH is an evidence based approach to teaching people with autism. It will be led by a specialist teacher together with specifically trained support staff. The Beatson Room is located in the heart of the school, ensuring full inclusion in the school community. The space is accessible and well equipped, with a sensory garden and sensory room.

How do I apply for a place at The Beatson Room?
Families applying for a place for their child, at The Beatson Room, will need to have an Education, Health and Care Plan (EHCP) as well as a diagnosis of autism for them.
If you would like your child to attend The Beatson Room, you will need to talk to the SEN Team at the Local Authority and state that your preference is for a place at the Autism Resource Base at Peter Hills Primary. You can find more details for the Southwark SEN Team here;

Once you have named Peter Hills Autism Resource Base, Southwark will send us your child's documentation, including their EHCP. We respond to Southwark Local Authority with a consultation response letter which references the SEND Code of Practice (2015). We will respond saying one of the following;

- We are able to meet their needs and offer them a place at Peter Hills Autism Resource Base - The Beatson Room.
- We are not able to meet their needs either due to having no capacity of believing that another school would be more appropriate.
- Based on the EHCP alone, we are not sure yet if we are able to meet their needs and we would like to arrange an observation at their current school.

Following our decision someone from the Local Authority will then contact you to discuss the next steps.

The Beatson Room staff team:

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