Peter Hills Church of England School

TEAMMS - The Beatson Room

The Beatson Room (ID 1043)



Welcome to the Beatson Room; the exciting, brand new resource base at Peter Hills. We are delighted with this new adventure and the amazing learning that will be carried out this year by this cohort. We are a mixture of Early Years and KS1 pupils and, so our curriculum broadly reflects these age groups. Throughout the year, we will be developing our skills in all aspects of the curriculum within our learning environment. Pupils will participate in play-based learning, targeted interventions such as TEACCH, Colourful Semantics and Bucket Time (Attention Autism) with our specialist teachers. We have an amazing learning environment that will cater specifically for these interventions, and we will be working closely with our Speech and Language Therapist to deliver these for each child. We will use Branch Mapping (an assessment system devised by Cherry Garden) as a way of assessing our children and ensuring that they make good progress throughout the year. The children will also transition into their mainstream classrooms with the support of their teachers for a proportion of each day, so that they can eventually be in them full time. We are so excited for the year ahead and cannot wait to see all of our lovely children blossom and grow as learners!

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