Peter Hills Church of England School

Sports Premium- Spending and Impact

Physically active children are not only healthier but do better academically and in life, and are far more likely to be active as adults.  The first ten years of life provide children with a blueprint for their adult lives and is the time when they develop the critical fundamental movement skills that act as foundations and building blocks for future activity. PE at Peter Hills has had a real shake up over the last 12 months as we strive to make physical activity a part of every day. Whether it's the 'Daily Mile', a before school fitness activity or joining a sports team, sports is important. All PE is based on a foundation of fitness and fundamental movement skills which are prerequisites for sporting ability.  

Skills include:
  • agility (being able to move the body quickly and easily)
  • balance (being able to distribute weight easily to achieve stability)
  • coordination (being able to use limbs together smoothly and efficiently)
  • sports-specific skills (hitting, catching, jumping, throwing, running).

For the year 2022/23, Peter Hills Primary School will receive £17,000 Sport Premium funding from The Department of Education and The Education Funding Agency. This funding will go towards providing an additional full time employee who will provide physical education and activity for both classes and small sport clubs. This year, we will focus on reinvigorating the children's desire to exercise and feel healthy, after periods of inactivity during the lockdowns. There will be a focus on provision of excellent SEND PE to ensure SEND children show an improvement in mobility and enjoy their experience of PE.

Sports Premium Funding