Peter Hills Church of England School


For a human being, especially a child or young person, to have a full quality of life,
spirituality in all its aspects must be nurtured and affirmed’ (John Bradford).

Our vision states that we aim for every child to ‘reach their God-given purpose’. A key part of that belief is to nurture children’s spiritual awareness and develop each child’s spiritual character. 

At Peter Hills, we believe in supporting the growth and development of the whole child. We also support our staff, families and community.
When we talk about the whole person, we are referring to the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual aspects of who they are.

Spirituality in its widest sense speaks about something internal, the human spirit or soul as opposed to the external material or physical things. For us, as a C of E school, it is much more than that. It is about an awareness of ourselves as created by God in relationship with God, other people and the world around us. This does not mean we expect people to share our Christian faith or believe that this statement is not relevant to those of other faiths or none, but it is the foundation we build upon and therefore support others from.

Spirituality then is about recognising our place in this world and our connection with it, with one another and with God and exploring how that reflected in our daily lives. Spirituality is not about indoctrination or learning facts but about understanding myself in this world. For those who are of the Christian faith, it is about understanding myself as being created in God’s image and how that informs and leads me through life in this world.

Please see our policy on spirituality for more information.