Peter Hills Church of England School

School Uniform

Children are expected to wear school uniform every day.  School uniform consists of:


  • Grey skirt, pinafore or trousers
  • Navy blue sweatshirt/cardigan with school logo (or plain navy jumper/cardigan)
  • White polo shirt with or without the school crest (hard collar shirt will be acceptable)
  • School tie (optional)
  • Black shoes (not trainers)
  • Black or white socks
  • Grey tights with winter uniform only


  • A white shirt (not polo shirt)
  • Navy blue sweatshirt/cardigan with or without school logo
  • A grey skirt / dress or trousers
  • School tie (compulsory)
  • Black shoes (not trainers)
  • Black or white socks
  • Grey tights with winter uniform only

Often during the school day and week, the children will be involved in a lesson where they may get messy. We endeavour to make sure your children are appropriately protected either with art aprons, waterproofs or other coveralls but sometimes the children will get paint or other non-harmful substances on their clothes.  We are not able to replace clothing where reasonable care has been taken to protect your child’s clothing.  If you are worried about their school uniform being dirtied, please give your child a set of old clothes to wear in school, that they will be responsible for changing into before taking part in a messy activity. 

We ask that you label all items of clothing belonging to your child, so any misplaced items can be easily returned.

For all children:

  • Pinafore dresses and skirts should be plain
  • Fleeces will not be allowed
  • Jewellery may not be worn apart from small flat studs for pierced ears
  • Make up including nail varnish should not be worn
  • Body art of any kind, including henna and stick on tattoos are not permitted


School Uniform for PE

  • White t-shirt (school logo optional)
  • Blue shorts  (not denim)
  • Blue jogging bottoms or blue leggings (in the cold weather)
  • School jumper (no hoodies or tracksuit sets)
  • Black trainers 
  • No jewellery may be worn during a PE session.  Children will be asked to remove stud earrings.

Branded uniform can be purchased from Whitehall Clothiers Lewisham