Peter Hills Church of England School

Our Vision

The Governors of Peter Hills have a vision for the school to be known as a place of Learning, Leadership & Love: 

  1. Learning: we will strive for everyone to be nurtured, to find courage and to aim for excellence. We will equip people with the skills, confidence, knowledge and love of learning to coach each other, celebrate learning, and thrive throughout our lifetime in our changing world.
  2. Leadership: we will seek for everyone to able able to reach high to see their full potential and their place in the world. We will be a well-run school, which is rooted proudly in its past, but dynamically forward looking to help strive for a better world.
  • Love: we will be a place of faith, trust, peace, and caring, whilst also loving our wider community, and being a safe, healthy and happy place. We will be a school where everyone is provided with opportunities to develop confidence and where people find respect, inspiration and thankfulness.