Peter Hills Church of England School

Mrs Kinsky

What is your educational background?

After completing a degree in Psychology at Manchester University, with particular emphasis on Child Psychology, I went on to do a PGCE course at Roehampton University.  I also studied for the CELTA qualification in teaching English to adults with English as a Foreign Language.

What skills and talents do you bring to Peter Hills?

I have in depth knowledge of the Early Years Foundation Stage.  This has given me an understanding of those first years of learning which has led me to cater for all learning styles and to ensure I deliver teaching with clarity, purpose and relevance.  This means that the children in my care are consistently engaged and have the opportunity to tackle their learning independently.  I am skilled in facilitating learning through play, which fosters independent and curious learners.  This method has allowed me to differentiate effectively according to each individual child's needs and interests, so that I am proficient in extending children's learning so they feel confident but challenged.

When you’re not at school what do you enjoy doing?

I started pottery lessons after making clay coil pots with a class - I enjoyed it so much I started making my own pot and forgot to help them with theirs!  I enjoy cooking, eating, jogging, yoga, and when I manage to save up, holidays in the sun.