Peter Hills Church of England School


We live in a universe of patterns. The human mind and culture have developed a formal system of thought for recognising, classifying and exploiting patterns. We call it mathematics. 
Ian Stewart - Nature's Numbers

Optima Maths
In KS1, children apply Optima Maths principles to ensure they have a solid foundation for counting, language and the equality principle. The equality principle fundamentally changes the nature of learning maths from doing sums (addition, subtraction, multiplication or division) and getting the right answer to balancing equations through a coherent and consistent strategy and being introduced to the key principles underpinning algebra.

Maths Mastery
In addition to Optima Maths principles in KS1, pupils begin to be presented with resources that enable a deeper understanding of the concept they are learning. As they move into KS2, children are taught using White Rose Maths Mastery materials. Achieving mastery means acquiring a solid understanding of  the maths that's been taught to enable pupils to move onto more advanced material. Greater depth questions ask children to rationalise, reason, explain and justify their answers. 

Keep Up Catch Up (K.U.C.U)
As a direct response to the school lockdowns, and understanding the rapid impact of our Optima Reading delivery, teachers designed a programme to ensure basic maths skills, lost over the school lockdowns, were remembered and retained. From Year 1 - 6, children take part in a daily 15 minute verbal maths session to revise concepts such as quick recall, times table facts, shape and space etc. Teachers use this time to revisit and consolidate over the course of the term.