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LGBTQ stands for Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, Queer. The “plus” represents other sexual identities.


At Peter Hills we celebrate that our children come from different families. We know that like many other schools in the UK,  some children have a mum and a dad, some children live with just one parent, some children live with their grandparents and some children have two mums or two dads.

In 2018, almost 250,000 people in London identified as Lesbian, Gay or Bisexual and there are now at least 20,000 children growing up in same-sex parent families. Many children will have or know relatives, family friends or neighbours who identify as being LGBTQ+. It is important to us at Peter Hills, that we represent different families in our community as we know that children who see their families reflected in class and around the school will grow up to be confident, respectful and successful citizens.


Aside from our moral duty, it is also our statutory duty to teach children about different families and relationships and therefore all primary schools in England are expected to teach Relationships Education. In teaching Relationships Education we ensure that the needs of all pupils are appropriately met, and that all pupils understand the importance of equality and respect. We ensure that all of our teaching is sensitive and age appropriate in approach and content.


In order to prepare children for the diverse society they live in and to prevent bullying and discrimination, it is important to talk about difference in general and different families in particular. At Peter Hills, the children learn about and celebrate different family structures primarily through our PSHE scheme of work, science scheme of work and during our celebration of LGBT+ History Month. In addition, our school library and class book corners are stocked with books that represent different family structures and some of the texts we use within our English lessons feature LGBT characters. All children are encouraged to talk positively about their own and each other’s families and the school does not tolerate any homophobic, biophobic or transphobic language.


In Key Stage Two, we use resources from Stonewall, Southwark Council and Diversity Role Models to explore identity, including same-sex relationships and gender.


Below are some useful links if you would like to find out more, including some recommended books:

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