Peter Hills Church of England School

Acceptable Use Agreements

Part of keeping ourselves and our children safe online is about having strong guidance around our use of the internet, social media, phones and apps. To ensure everyone in the Peter Hills community is promoting safe and responsible use of the online world we have 'Acceptable Use Agreements' which are signed by staff, parents and children. Some of the things laid out in these agreements are-

  • letting a trusted adult know if something they don’t like has happened online or via phone – we want them to ‘flag it’ with us
  • taking care of IT equipment
  • blocking people who send nasty messages and not to open unknown links and attachments (preventing viruses, malware and adware from infecting school systems) – where we let them know to ‘block it’
  • behaving in the same positive, friendly and responsible way online with their friends as they would on the playground.

We also highlight the need to ‘zip it’: keeping their personal information private – 40% of children in the school have given out information about themselves (either photos or contact details) online. 


Parent Agreement

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Pupil Agreement

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