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Peter Hills Church of England School

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A warm welcome to
Peter Hills C of E Primary School

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Thank you for taking the time to find out more about our school.

Education excites me, but what excites me most is the opportunity education provides us for change. Change to a society divided, change to outdated attitudes, and most importantly, lasting and positive change to a child's life. At Peter Hills we recognise that there is no greater power than education and no responsibility more important than working with our young people. 

We pride ourselves on knowing each individual child and our curriculum is tailored to meet their needs, recognising that primary education is about so much more than Maths and English. With this in mind we strive to deliver experiences that promote the development of the whole child, experiences that build character, develop resilience and a strong sense of self. We aim to equip children with the skills and qualities needed to break down the barriers that hold them back.

Pia Longman- Executive Headteacher

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