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School Council Meeting 4

We met this morning to go through our first item on the agenda - creating rules for the champ square.

Runo from Year 6 led the meeting today. He asked children what needed to go onto the champ rules. Everyone had their say and came up with some really great ideas! We can't wait to get these made into a board for the playground.

We came up with the following rules;

If you hit a line, you're out.
No body replay.
Only one hand.
Slamming isn't cool!
3 second hold only.
Pushers in will go to the back of the line.
Keep positive - remember it's a game!
Support children if you're watching.
Give children compliments.
Be grateful.
If people stay in and they're not meant to, deal with it calmly.
Taking part matters!
Listen to the rules.
Play fair.

We are going to pass these rules over to a class who will make the champ board for us.