Peter Hills with St Mary's & St Paul's

School Council Development Plan

We've developed a school council development plan.

Over the rest of the year, we will aim to achieve the following;

Spring 2: Create a champ rules list to be displayed next to the champ square.
This will prevent us arguing over the rules of champ and lead to a happier playtime.

Spring 2: Petition for more after school clubs.
This will enable us to experience different sports and hobbies.

Summer 1: Focus on top pitch - benches for top pitch and more balls.
The bench will help create a safe space for children to sit at. 
                The balls will allow more children to participate in exercise that they really enjoy.

Summer 2: Set up a fundraiser for either a charity of our choice or to purchase trampolines for the school.
 This will allow us to come up with creative ideas of how to raise money and do something good for
              the school and the community.