Peter Hills with St Mary's & St Paul's




Stranger alert

We understand there is some concern regarding reports that members of the public have been close to the playground and watching the children. Over the last two days we have had two such incidents. There was a man yesterday who was looking through the fence and was approached by a staff member and parents. The police and LA were notified and the report has been logged. We have not seen this individual again.

Today an elderly lady stopped by the fence and was asked by staff members to move on. She did so immediately. 
Staff are always very aware of people around the gate and any members of the public who stop to observe the children, in 99% of cases very innocently, are asked to move away which they do. 
The school has followed all procedures to the letter and I am confident the incident was an isolated one. 
We understand any reports of strangers near the school can be alarming so please be assured the school is very proactive in dealing with these situations and the children's safety is always paramount. 
Please feel free to come and see me should you have any further queries. 
Mrs Longman