Peter Hills with St Mary's & St Paul's




Parents Coffee Morning 1st November

Many thanks to all the parents who attended our coffee morning. We were thrilled to welcome so many of you and hear your suggestions. 

Today's topic was to introduce the new Inclusion team and welcome new parents. 

As always we asked for your suggestions and had some useful ideas and feedback. A few of the things you said were-

-You would like newsletters emailed. 

The school no longer sends out a newsletter weekly. Daily updates of classroom learning, activities and events are posted on our class blogs (link on the website), twitter and via the website. This is to ensure information is current.

-You are concerned with the level of gossip and unkind conversations happening in the playground by parents. 

So are we! We are proactive in approaching parents and sending letters when we hear these conversations however we are not responsible for what people say outside the school and despite our best efforts parents still continue. The best way to combat this is for ALL parents to remind others this is a community of love and support and issues should be brought to the staff if needed. 

 You would like teachers to ensure children have all their belongings with them before they go home each day. 

Although we try our best to reunite children with their lost items this is simply not possible to do all the time. Parents can minimise the loss of jumpers etc by naming all items clearly before sending them to school. 

You feel the school could use the parents skill sets more by finding out what people do for a living. 

Some of you may remember we sent out questionnaires to all parents hoping to obtain this information. We also discussed skills and talents at both a coffee morning and one of the parents forum meetings held last term. As a result of this we now have parents delivering nutritional workshops and cooking classes. If you did not return that questionnaire and feel you have something to offer the school, we would LOVE to hear from you. Please see the office to offer your skills and talent. 

You want to see more books in the school.

We are so pleased to see this suggestion. We are passionate about reading here at Peter Hills and that's why we have been working hard over the last 8 months to secure funding to purchase a brand new set of quality books and refurbish the library. We are excited to begin this project this term so 'watch this space'. Children will also be able to borrow books and visit the library before and after school. 

You would have liked to see boxercise continue. 

We are pleased the children enjoyed 'Boxercise' so much. The first session of boxecise was a trial and unfortunately was not booked for the second half term. We will however begin this again next term. 

You asked for more classes such as cooking, woodwork and art. 

This is a great suggestion and one we would love to offer. We do try to offer broad and balanced opportunities for children however as a small school there are limitations to this due to space and budget. We do however have plans to provide even more opportunities such as these in the future. 

 Once again thanks to all who attended. We look forward to seeing even more of you next month!