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Project Based Learning

Project Based Learning is an approach to teaching foundation subjects, with the potential to cover either many curriculum areas or provide a more detailed exploration of one.

Peter Hills bases our Project learning on the ʻDesign Thinkingʼ model, which provides a framework around which to plan. It provides a structure so that the learner and the teacher know where they are in the learning journey. It provides choice to the learner in what theyʼre going to learn, and how - the student needs to work out what knowledge and understanding theyʼre lacking, in order to achieve what they want to achieve while at the same time having fixed elements to support children develop autonomy while learning. Learners are able to find a compelling area of learning and an interesting approach to learning it. It always presents the whole game of learning, the big picture, even if students have to learn some ʻexpert elementsʼ along the way, they  see where they slot in to a bigger, more epic problem they are trying to solve and this gives them a sense of purpose and audience.

Project based learning is separated into five different  stages:  immersion, synthesis, ideation, prototyping and feedback, although the feedback stage operates throughout the other stages in the form of ongoing evaluation, as well as being a final stage in itself.

All classes throughout KS2 have dedicated ‘Project Time’ built into class timetables. During this time children may be engaged in projects covering one or several subjects at a time. Projects, depending on size and scale, will vary in length and teacher input.