Peter Hills with St Mary's & St Paul's

Global links

At Peter Hills we understand that our learning extends well beyond the school gate. Through social media we share our learning across the globe and this sharing has led to a partnership developing with Isha Vidhya School, in Tamil Nadu, South India. Many of you may remember the tie-dye t-shirts, Y6 made last year. These were then sold over the Summer Term to help fund some of the saplings we were aiming to plant on top pitch. The planting project was originally part of our Project Based Learning on environmental awareness, and the class wanted to branch out and contact another school abroad that were also working on a similar project to raise ‘green consciousness’. 

Finally, our saplings arrived last week (from the Woodland Trust), just in time for perfect planting season. Incidently, Isha Vidhya School also did some more planting recently and sent us some wonderful photos.

Please take a look at some of our planting that went on last Friday. Fascinatingly, we unearthed artifacts that look to have belonged to former homes that existed on the spot where top-pitch is, before they were bombed during WWII. These include what appears to be remnants of a domestic coal supply!

Among the pics is also a letter from Grace, to our partner school, praising their work, and asking for some arboricultural advice! Enjoy. 





Pupils at Isha Vidhya School, Tamil Nadu, India, receiving our tie-dye t-shirts made by our current Y6 class!